Month: April 2013


CAPRI BEDROOM FURNITURE BY ELEMENTS   Hi it’s Pierre again at Better Furniture in Norwich. If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile, modern bedroom then look no further. Capri by Elements is a comprehensive modular range making use of every inch of storage space in a room. Capri is available in four different options. Capri 1, with plain doors Capri… Read more →

Headboards – Changing the Whole Look Simply

Headboards for your bed – a headboard can  represent the centrepiece of your bedroom, and there is no better way of making it really stand out than with an eye-catching and sumptuous one. At Better Furniture we have a wide selection of striking headboards for beds in a variety of styles,colours and sizes.  Headboards are a great opportunity to match your… Read more →

New Elements Bedroom Range

Hi it’s Pierre with Better Furniture from the Norwich store. News has just hit we are bringing on board three new Elements ranges that are quite exciting. was anticipating I will now give you a snippet about each. SEVILLE The Seville range takes combination wardrobes to new heights, with versatility guaranteed. Choose from single, 50cm units right up to 4 metre, eight door arrangements,… Read more →

Designing my bedroom with ELEMENTS

Hello, let me introduce myself, I’m Pierre with Better Furniture in our Norwich Store here to help you get the look and feel you want in the room you want. This can sometimes be a multifaceted and daunting experience but rest assured we at Better Furniture can make it a fun and rewarding experience, so come on in and have a… Read more →

Sleep Troubles With Children

  Sleep troubles with children. As any parent knows, children can sometimes have trouble getting to sleep at night – whether through too much excitement from watching a film before bedtime, or a few too many sweets – but when this becomes a regular occurrence it can become a bit concerning for us as parents, it could be that your child is afraid… Read more →