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Simple DIY Projects for Lazy People

So I’ve just moved into a new place. Its a lovely size and really conveniently close to town without being right in the centre. But of course, as with moving into any new place, it needs my own mark stamped on it. I’m starting all over again. My last place was shared with a friend, and I left all the… Read more →

Trouble Sleeping? Long Term Effects Without Sleep.

Long term effects without sleep can be a very surprising and enlightening read.Many of my regular readers will already have an idea from previous blogs about poor sleep and the benefits of a good nights sleep. How much rest on average we all need has always been well documented, and I have looked into the different ways we can improve on… Read more →

How to Clean Your Sofa

How to Clean Your Sofa No matter how good the quality, how well designed, or even how well you take care of your sofa, it will pick up dust, dirt, and grime throughout its life and maybe even a spill or two. Unless you have a thing for plastic sheeting, you can never fully protect your sofa from everyday life.… Read more →

Great Yarmouth and Great Beds

Great Yarmouth and Great Beds Great Yarmouth offers many great things. The ‘Great’ part about Great Yarmouth in my opinion is the diversity of our town’s attractions. Joyland at the end of our famous Regent Road started in 1949, the brightly adorned snails going up and down and around the metal track were always a source of delight when I… Read more →