Month: May 2014

Weird Tricks to Help You Sleep

5 Weird Tricks To Help You Sleep from Jonas at What keeps you awake at night? Whether its money issues, thinking about all the countless things you have to do tomorrow, or simply not getting enough exercise during the day, we all go though stages where we have trouble getting to sleep. For some its more serious than others, and… Read more →

My Apple, My Way

As I am the newest member of the team here at Better Furniture Great Yarmouth I thought that you all deserved to know about My Apple!! No its not something I can eat or grows on trees, Its not Juicy, Sweet or Sour and I definately can’t make a phone call with it. It is My Apple and it can… Read more →

Don't feed the animals!

5 things you didn’t know about Oak

5 things you didn’t know about Oak Oak has many uses and you probably see it everyday in your own home, a friends home or your workplace, I certainly do working here at Better Furniture! We all know that Oak is a hardwood derived from the Oak Tree or “Quercus Robur” in Latin for you intellectuals out there, but there… Read more →

Secret Recipe BBQ Rib Sauce

So with Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, its that time of year again where the BBQ invites start coming in and everyone will try to show off their BBQ skills. Male egos are tested to the limits, and neighbours pass judgement at who’s garden is the nicest! With this in mind the Better Furniture team… Read more →