Month: June 2014

5 Creative ideas for decorating candles.

Creative ideas for decorating candles. As much as I love a plain pillar candle…. to help create an sense of individuality, why not have a go at decorating candles yourself. It can be simple and easy and you can use many items that are available right before your eyes.  And it doesn’t have to cost much either. Decorating candles using Jam… Read more →

Ways to reduce stress with ease!

 Ways to reduce stress with ease! Are you feeling weighed down by everything at the moment? Would you like to know some quick and easy ways to reduce stress with ease? Then you’ve come to the right place! Stress is a very common occurrence in our modern lifestyles.  Whether its getting the kids up for school, dressed and out of… Read more →

Is Fishing the perfect holiday?

Is Fishing the perfect holiday? Whilst working here at Better Furniture I have had many conversations about fishing, but it always seems to be the men that fish and the ladies stay at home or shop. However, I have found out it doesn’t have to be like that. With the fishing season looming I have started to ask myself – Could… Read more →

Bake your own Pinata Cake!!

Hi there! My names Lauren and i’m your new Sales Consultant here at Better Furniture Great Yarmouth and adding that extra sparkle to your visit. I’m extremely bubbly (some would say scatty),  have a great love of beautiful furniture and I’m here today to talk to you about a Pinata Cake. When i’m not working I have a few hobbies that… Read more →