5 Creative ideas for decorating candles.

Creative ideas for decorating candles.

As much as I love a plain pillar candle…. to help create an sense of individuality, why not have a go at decorating candles yourself.

It can be simple and easy and you can use many items that are available right before your eyes.  And it doesn’t have to cost much either.

Decorating candles using Jam Jars.

All you have to do is clean out your old empty jam jars.  Using floristry wire, wrap it around the rim of the jar and tie a handle from on side over the top to the other side.  Alternatively you can use string for a more rustic approach.

20140614_184552  Why not add fresh flowers in the bottom around the base of the candle to give a spring /summer feeling.

Hang these from branches or anywhere else in your garden, to create a lovely entertaining space for the evening.


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Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 19.17.37only £2.99 each.

Decorating candles using grass.

Using an all purpose glue, individually glue each blade of grass directly onto you pillar candle, for a stunning modern alternative to decorating candles.

decorating candles

( marthastewart.com, grass candles)

Decorating candles using dried flowers.

Select your dried flowers or petals, and arrange them on a piece of grease proof paper, slightly bigger than the height and circumference of your candle.

In a bowl of hot water, briefly place your candle into the water to melt the outside layer slightly, holding it by the wick, to be safe.

Now simply lay your candle down and roll it along the dried flowers.  The melted wax will pick up and secure the flowers to the outside of the candle.

You can personalise them using colour schemes for each occasion.

Or simply take some lavender heads and wrap around the candle and tie with string, for a lovely scented candle.

Decorating Candles

Decorating candles with a glass vase as a table centre.

Here is a lovely way to create either a classic or contemporary table centre.

Using a glass bowl, simply fill half way with water.  Using Cala lilies, for example, wrap them around the inside of the bowl and add some floating candles.   Alternatively you can add the heads of roses, or Gerberas, floating on the surface, with coloured stones in the bottom.

Decorating candles  decorating candles  decorating candles

Why not use a trio of tall glasses, filled with water and add a small twig standing up in the glass and a floating candle on top, or use shells or stones.  Whatever you have to hand, to make it a simple, easy and affordable way of decorating candles, for a lovely unique table centre.

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