Adjustable Beds – For Everyone

Adjustable beds really are for everyone. It is a commonly held misconception that adjustable beds are just for the elderly or sick, as our minds think of old fashioned heavy metal beds with a noisy frames and antiquated foot pumps. Our thoughts are with the hospital varieties with one of those invalid tables across the front to hold the jug of water and plate of cold congealed hospital food. Ewww!

With this image in our minds we feel that an adjustable bed couldn’t possibly be for people like you and I who for the most part are fairly fit and healthy.

Why would we want to associate ourselves with the image of a hospital sick room?

Nothing could be further from the truth as adjustable beds are in fact not ‘sick’ beds, they are ‘very healthy’ beds.

They not only have a modern and contemporary look but they are one of the most supportive and comfortable beds in the world today.

So why would healthy people need adjustable beds?
I would ask … why not?

We are all guilty of waiting until illness or simply aches and pains strike us before taking
action and this is the point where it can be too little too late.
Why wait until you are finding it harder to get into and out of bed to make life easier? Why wait to make your time in bed more comfortable?
Why wait until your ankles start to swell before you get the elevation you need?

You will be aware from my previous blogs that we spend approximately one third of our lives in bed and so it is especially important that this place is the most comfortable and supportive place for us.

What makes adjustable beds so very special?

Whether you like to sleep flat or elevated you will be assured of total support with adjustable beds.
If you suffer from arthritis, aches and pains, asthma, snoring, hiatus hernia, or you are just having difficulties getting to sleep adjustable beds have long been documented as making a positive difference to your nights sleep.

Adjustable Bed






Adjustable Bed


If you enjoy sitting up in bed to read or watch a movie but do not enjoy having to prop yourself up with lots of pillows then here is the perfect solution.



How about the comfort of a double bed but you need to be independent from your partner for comfort settings? then a dual combination mattress bed is the perfect choice.
These can be 2 x 2ft6 OR 2 x 3ft beds accomodating all room sizes.

In fact adjustable beds give all the advantages you could wish for in a perfect luxury sleep and relaxation system BUT ……. without the price tag of a luxury item.

Adjustable beds offer the best positioning during sleep.
Making the perfect position, makes for a good night’s sleep and avoids discomfort and pain in your back. What’s more, thanks to adjustable beds, your muscles are free from tension and can finally rest after a long day.

Adjustable beds- not needed here! Adjustable beds - Comfort Right Here!

 When you sleep it is also important to breathe properly.

By raising your upper body, you open your air passages and, by doing so, improve your breathing.
This can also help prevent you from snoring. So not only will you sleep better so will your partner!

Raising your legs has some benefits for your health too.
Blood circulation is flowed from your legs to the upper body and brain which in turn provides oxygenation to the brain.
This will certainly help you to focus more during the day.

To conclude as we started…

So why would healthy people need adjustable beds?
I would ask … why not? Now, I expect you would too!


Adjustable Beds? Snailed It!Kindest Regards and till next time. Joanne