Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

We all want to sit comfortably and relax after a hard day.

How do you like yours? Soft? Firm? Somewhere in between, Easy to look after or just look good..  Who will be using your sofa? You, family and friends, pets?

So let me run though some of the options to help, all the time asking…

Are you sitting comfortably?

Starting from the softest of the soft. Pure indulgence.


Feather interiors at Better Furniture

Feather is extremely soft and luxurious.  As soon as you sit down you sink into them and the feathers surround and mould around you, engulfing you in luxury.

Yes this is pure indulgence.  On the seat cushions it will require maintenance and ‘plumping’ daily.  Giving it a lived in look.  I would recommend for maximum comfort and enjoyment to have feathers on the back cushions, or the scatter cushions.

Our Norfolk sofa here at Better Furniture is a wonderful example of this.

Norfolk sofa at Better Furniture

Are you sitting comfortably?


If Feather doesn’t rock your boat then maybe Fibre will.

Fibre cushions at Better Furniture

 This is generally a polyester fibre cushion that available on the seats and back cushions.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The benefits are its softness and resilience, you sit into the cushion.  It has a great level of comfort for all.

This cushion need some maintenance. I would recommend plumping and turning the cushions approximately 3 times weekly depending on use. It holds its shape nicely and is soft around the edges.

 A wonderful option for those with family and friends who want the soft relaxed feeling but without the hard work of feather.

This is the most widely used cushion for back cushions and seat cushions.  We have this option on display on many ranges at Better Furniture, for example the Lucena.

Lucena sofa at Better Furniture

 Are you sitting comfortably?


Foam cushions at Better Furniture

If your still not quite comfortable enough, then maybe foam is for you?

Foam is the most resilliant filling of them all and is quite square in appearance.  The great thing is it will always hold its shape, for those neat freaks out there.  So easy to look after.

Nice and solid to sit on, rather than in, like feather.

The George is a great exapmle of this, come and try it out at Better Furniture.

George sofa at Better Furniture


Are you sitting comfortably?


For more information come and find me, Lucie, at Better Furniture Norwich.  I can run you through and many more choices, to get you sitting comfortably.

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