Bed Buying Guide

Bed Buying Guide and Some Frequently Asked Questions



As part of the Bedding Team at Better Furniture, I was asked to come up with some questions that I frequently get asked in our Great Yarmouth Store.

Bed Buying Guide - Joanne
Bed Buying Guide – Joanne

I thought I would share these with my Blog followers! Bed buying guide…
Its by no means fully comprehensive and as I always explain to customers that come in, buying a bed can be quite technical nowadays with regard to all the variations now available.
So hopefully this bed buying guide will answer a few of those questions you may have regarding buying your new bed.

How often should I change my bed?
This will depend a lot on if it is an occasional use or everyday use bed. Between 5-7 years is a general guide for all beds;
however the proof is in how you are sleeping. If you are waking up feeling aches and pains or you are having constant
restless sleeps and your bed is showing signs of wear and tear, It is probably time for a change.

What is the difference between latex and memory foam?
Latex has a much more open structure to its ‘make up’, which recovers its shape very quickly after you leave the
mattress. Memory foam has a body moulding structure with a much denser property and it has a slower recovery time
because of this. Both have a very appealing comforting feeling to them.

I have heard memory foam can make you hot?
It is warmer to touch because of its much denser properties, however our suppliers employ many different techniques to
ensure climate control is achieved for a restful sleep. There are stay dry top fabrics, air flow borders, ventilation specific
areas and one of our suppliers in particular produces an eco-memory fibre that has its own airflow cells built into it.
Please ask me for information on all the options that are available.

What is a pocket spring?
Pocket springs are an individual spring wrapped in a fabric pocket. Each spring is independent to that of the one next to
it. This will eliminate rolling together on the surface of the mattress as your body is only using the springs that it needs.
The springs not being used will stay in the unused and upright position.

Do you sell small double beds?
Yes we do! This is a 4ft (120cm) bed. It is six inches (15cm) smaller than a double bed. The small double bed is becoming
more popular as it offers a double solution for the smaller rooms in our homes. We have an extensive bed choice in this

Why is there a small drawer in the divan base at the headboard end?
This is what we refer to as a 2+2 drawer storage option. It allows you to place a night cabinet or bedside table close to
the bed and still open your drawer. Simple but clever really!

Can I put a new mattress on my existing base?
If your base is in a good condition, this should be fine. The trouble is if you are replacing your mattress because of its age
then due consideration should be given to changing the base at the same time. We also see many suppliers now matching
the colour of the piping on the mattress to the colour on the divan base, giving a very smart co-ordinated look.

“I can sleep on a washing line, but my partner is very fussy”! What would be a good compromise for both of us?
With so many choices of surface toppings on mattresses today, there will always be a comfortable compromise solution
for everyone. If there is no way that you can compromise then to save you sleeping in separate rooms we do have the perfect option!

Bed buying guide -Millbrook Luxury
Bed buying guide -Millbrook Luxury


A mattress that allows you to choose two different comfort levels on the same bed! Come in-store today to find out more or try out our bed buying guide.


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Until next time, sleep well and sound.

 Joanne – Bedroom Specialist – Better Furniture Great Yarmouth