Benefits of Mango wood furniture

Benefits of Mango  wood furniture.

Mango wood, one of the newest materials for great solid hardwood furniture.

If you haven’t heard or seen much of it, you soon will do.

Better Furniture has now introduced some new ranges of mango wood furniture.

Just more reasons why we are Better!
Just more reasons why we are Better!

There are many benefits to this wood.  It is a hard wood, so  is great for making solid furniture that is to be used everyday.  This makes it long lasting and hard wearing.  It is also soft enough to work easily with.  So you will also see some beautiful accessories crafted form the wood.  For example this stunning bowl at Better Furniture.

Mango wood salad bowlMango wood salad servers

Mango wood furniture

We now have available at Better Furniture the Manhattan Mango wood furniture, dining and Living range.

Mango wood furniture, Manhattan range

One of the most important facts about using Mango is that is is a sustainable product.  It is all ethically sourced.  What I mean by this is that is does not have a negative effect on people or the environment.

The mango plantations only harvest the trees when the tree is at the end of its fruit bearing life span.  The Mango tree is planted for its fruit where the local farmers can harvest the fruit and sell, and to export, all helping the local economy.  Because the trees can grow up to 70-80 feet in height in a very short time, this makes it possibly the most important furniture material of the future.

Mango wood furniture can be a kaleidoscope of colors. It will display a variety of grains, mottled grain patterns are also common as well as straight markings. 

Mango gets considerably darker when a finish has been applied and this will enhance the beauty of the grain.

Our Manhattan range displays this beautifully, and each piece  show its uniqueness.

Mango wood furniture, Manhattan range

Mango wood furniture

If you want to see our Mango wood furniture in its glory, come down to Better Furniture Norwich, or Great Yarmouth where we will soon have our new range on display.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Until next time….  Lucie at Better Furniture Norwich.