Caring for wooden furniture day to day

Caring for wooden furniture

Hello and welcome to my blog, this week my blog is  going to be about caring for your furniture. In particular I am going to talk to you about wooden furniture and give you some helpful hints and tips for making the furniture look glorious for longer.

First of all I would like to touch on the idea of little and often. If you are not caring for your wooden items it can become more than just a big job, it can become unfixable. Maybe ending up looking like this:

Caring for wooden furniture

The above image is from, this is a fine example of not caring for wooden furniture.

The above table shows years of mistreatment and lack of care!! Or you could just put a little bit in to keep the furniture looking spiffing!! A little bit like this maybe:

Caring for your wooden furniture

There are 3 main reasons that your table may well get preventable damage.

(1) The right bit of furniture needs to be placed in the correct setting. By this I mean that the room needs to be of the correct temp, have the right amount of light and also the correct humidity. If the room is to humid (Damp) then the table can absorb this and this can lead to further problems such as splitting.

(2)  The most obvious of all is carelessness of use and non maintenance. It is fairly easy to run some polish, wax or cleaner over the bit of furniture in question. Its probably a weekly job. If you have any spills or damage its always best to deal with it straight away.

Caring for wooden furniture does not mean hours and hours of chores, little and often is best.

(3) When moving or storing furniture, inadequate packing and/or transport for shipping can cause unneeded damage.  It  is of high importance that caring for wooden furniture is carried on when storing it as well. All of these points apply to storage, easy to damage, easy to forget its conditions and what else is being stored with it, should they be leant together for instance?

caring for wooden furniture

On top of the above tips to show your caring for wooden furniture, you could have a treatment or insurance to help lengthen the quality and life of your furniture. We suggest having a look at how Castellan Group can help protect and insure your items of furniture. More details on request.

Caring for Wooden Furniture:

In conclusion caring for wooden furniture  is not a hard thing to do.  Using the idea that a little bit and often will keep you on top of the care and maintenance is a great one. Why would anyone leave something to deteriorate when a little care will prolong the life of the piece of furniture.  We all strive to get the best value for money. But a major part of making something worth the money you pay for it is to get the most and best possible use from the item. So for making the most out of your money keep caring for your wooden furniture!!

Caring for wood furniture

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