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The Chamberlain Chesterfield sofa

The Chamberlain Chesterfield sofa     Brand new at Better Furniture. The Chamberlain is without question a a stunning variation of the traditional Chesterfield style. It is available in the most luxurious of premier leathers, and elegant velvets. With deep quilted buttoning and glorious comfort, you will not want for more.     No one really knows where the term Chesterfield comes… Read more →

Making the most of a Modular Sofa

Making the most of a Modular Sofa – Part 1 One way to best make use of the space that you have in your Conservatory or Living Room is to have a Modular Sofa. These can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but are ideal for these types of spaces as you can adapt them to create something… Read more →

How to Clean Your Sofa

How to Clean Your Sofa No matter how good the quality, how well designed, or even how well you take care of your sofa, it will pick up dust, dirt, and grime throughout its life and maybe even a spill or two. Unless you have a thing for plastic sheeting, you can never fully protect your sofa from everyday life.… Read more →