Colour affects us

Colour affects us

Colour affects us

 Colour affects us in many ways.

What is the perfect colour to suit your personality and your home?

Choosing the right colour for your home can say alot about you, and how it has an impact on your daily life.

What does your room say about you?  Are you  calm and relaxed or bold and energetic?

Here are a few meanings of some of the more popular colours and what they can say about you.  Because colour affects us.

Colour affects us

Colour explanations



This is a danger colour.  It represents anger.  So be careful how much you use and where.  It also represents Confidence, Courage, Energy, Warmth, Strength.


Is all about Love and Beauty. Its meaning is of quiet, calm, relaxation.


A conventional and ordinary colour.  It represents the earth and Stability.


Lenny Chair

Is a controlled heat colour.  It stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, Power, Energy and Endurance are all present.


Is a creative colour.  It has an intellectual energy.  If you want to add Joy and Happiness to your life you cant go wrong with Yellow.


Ashley Sofa

This colour is all about Nature and Fertility.  Also Life and Balance.   It is a restful colour for your home.


My Nest

Is certainly a calm, relaxing colour.  It creates Peace and Inspiration.  It is spiritual and pure.  Dark Blue however can have a negative effect.  It can deepen a mood.


Afrika at Better Furniture

This has a balance of red and blue. Warm and cool colours together. Calming and explosive.  A colour therefore of balance and fulfilment.  Great for meditation, magic and mystery.


In sense not really a colour at all.  It is a colour that contains all colours.  It is a clear colour, meaning Purity, Clarity.  Fresh beginnings.  It reflects light and will brighten any room with an accent colour.


Franklin Sofa

Again not really a colour.  It is a misunderstood colour and it is in the opposite to White.  An absence of all colour.  Therefore absorbing light.  It can mean fear and be threatening. But also a positive colour as it is restful.


Not a colour that would be hugely recommended in the home. Mainly due to the fact it is a sorrowful colour.  Quite negative, however also because of its lack of colour it is, like black, quite restful.  So maybe recommended in small quantities.

In your home you can choose a harmonious colour scheme.  By choosing colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel.  For example, Red and pink.  Or Red and orange.

Arianne at Better Furniture

For a Bold statement with colour, use a combination of colours that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel.  Such as, Red and Green, Blue and Yellow together.  They will really intensify each other.

Try something daring.  Try such colours as Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow together.  Normally you would think they would clash.  It works beautifully.  They are colours that are seen together in nature.  But only use them in block colours, patterns become to busy.


Colour affects us.  How you respond to people, situations, ideas and life.  It is important to choose the right colour to reflect you and your life and how you want to live.

Colour affects us.

Better Furniture

Why not come and see me, Lucie, at Better Furniture Norwich.  We will see how we can help you choose the right colour for your home.  With many offers available to suit you, we can take all the time you need to get it right.  Because like I have said it is so important.  Because colour affects us.

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