Dining Room Rugs

Dining room

Dining Room Rugs

Dining Room
Provencal Distressed Painted with Oak Dining Room Table & Chairs


You may be thinking, a rug in the dining room? A bit different but it might work for me. There are two opinions I’ve found on the matter.

The first being wow what a brilliant idea as it helps create a framed area in the dining area. The rug is a great way to tie everything in the room together along with creating a feeling of warmth. It’s also a great way of creating a focal area where everyone gathers for a wonderful meal. Another great benefit of having a rug in the dining room is helps protect your floors. Think about how many times we drag the dining chairs from under the dining table and what this must be doing your floor. Another benefit is that a rug helps muffle sounds in a room creating a nicer ambience for everyone. Here at Better Furniture we also have a great range of rugs for any room in your home from beautiful plush rugs to bright and beautiful rugs along with a good range of accessories.

The last opinion being, what about spills, stains and crumbs on the dining room carpet. It’s something you may want to think about as a dining room rug is not for everyone, only you can decide though in my opinion the benefits highly outweigh the negatives. Using multi coloured rugs would help hide stains but in all honesty how often is it you spill your wine on any floor, yes I know it’s for drinking.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of a dining room rug. So why not hop down to one of our two Better Furniture showrooms in Norfolk. One is located in Norwich and the other in Great Yarmouth. We’ve looking forward to seeing you.


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