Four Poster Bed – Hand Crafted Solid Mahogany

Four poster beds are a classic, romantic bed that still graces our bedrooms today.

The Four poster bed – It first gained it’s popularity in 15th-century England, the four-poster was a heavy, ornate bed with drapes and a ceiling canopy.
Noblemen prized their luxurious four posters, often adorning them with precious stones and silk drapes.

A feather bed layer was placed on a piece of canvas on top of a straw mat,
which then rested on the bed frame.
The four poster frame would often be intricately carved and the bedding was richly
embroidered with silver and gold thread.
Ornate tapestries would be hung from the canopy.
The four-poster bed has evolved through several different styles and can be found
today in much simpler and understated versions.
The traditional details of the full four poster is still a popular choice in modern
homes wanting a classic look.


Four poster in Georgian style dressed

After quite a bit of research I have discovered a common myth about the four poster bed.

There is no evidence that the canopy was designed to catch falling rodents from the ceiling through a thatched roof!
Four poster beds were deemed only suitable for noblemen, so if you were ‘noble’ enough to have one you would normally have a roof of tiles not thatch.
Even if you did have a thatched roof in a nobleman’s home all bedrooms had proper ceilings.
There would of been a ceiling between the bed and the roof!

Four-poster beds had canopies and curtains to keep out drafts.
All old houses had lots of drafts, even a Noblemans house!

four poster chippendale mid 18th century


We have a stunning four poster bed displayed here at Better Furniture.

It is inspired by a mid-18th century Chippendale design with the elegant aesthetic of the mahogany collection.
This is distinct from all others.

This classical collection is hand crafted by furniture makers trained
in the “arts and mysteries of the craft”.
These are produced from only the highest quality of solid mahogany available.

With emphasis on simple flowing lines and sculpted features it’s impossible not to
fall in love with such beauty and craftsmanship.

We also have the sleigh mahogany range in store, which holds a timeless
beauty in its design and presentation.

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Till next time, kindest regards Joanne