Furniture that really is Fit For A Prince!

Furniture that really is Fit For A Prince!

With Prince William’s 32nd Birthday on the 21st June, I thought I would look in our store here at Better Furniture to see if we have the perfect piece of Furniture that really is Fit For A Prince and tell you a few things that you may or may not know about him.

prince william
Our Prince as he is now!

Here are 10  things you may not know about our birthday boy!

  1. Prince Williams Full name is William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor.
  2. He was born at 21:03pm and weighed 7lbs 5oz.
  3. He is Left handed. (Just like me we have so much in common!)
  4. His mother’s nickname for him was Wombat! and apparently Kate calls him His Naughtiness!
  5. Our Prince had a poster of Pamela Anderson on his dormitory wall whilst at Eaton.
  6. At the age of 13 William told his Mum that he had a crush on Cindy Crawford, she then arranged for him to meet her.
  7. Prince William is an Aston Villa Supporter.
  8. William and Kate’s favourite song is “I Like The Way You Move” by the Bodyrockers.
  9. He can speak fluent French.
  10. More than 24 million people are said to have watched the couple’s most famous kiss after they got married.
prince william
The most famous kiss on the balcony.


Furniture that really is Fit For A Prince!

Now that our prince is a Daddy he will need something comfortable for those sleepless nights and to have some time with his beautiful wife.

prince william

Well I think I have found the perfect pieces of Furniture that really are Fit For A Prince!

The Item I have chosen is called the Southery, It is a beautiful sofa that is new to us here at BETTER FURNITURE. As Southery is a small village located on the edge of the Cambridge border in Norfolk, I thought that as he the Duke of Cambridgeshire this has to be the one for him and his family.

Furniture that really is Fit For A Prince!
Southery Furniture Fit For A Prince I think so!

This Sofa has the perfect look for any home old or new. The quality is fantastic with hardwood frames, Foam and feather seat cushions (called encore) and all scatter cushions in feather.

There are different options the you can choose for example a sofa in a high arm options with a Scatter back or a low arm options with a standard back and in different sizes. Come into our store to have a look and sit on this comfortable, luxurious, opulent sofa. It has all of the qualities for a piece of Furniture that really is Fit For A Prince .

We look forward to seeing you and a very BIG Happy Birthday to our Prince from all of us here at BETTER FURNITURE.

Have fun, Laugh lots and enjoy life. See you soon

Samantha Sheldon