Getting to Sleep in this Heat!

Getting to sleep can be difficult for some people rather too often and we are experiencing an unusual heat here in Norfolk and most parts of the country at present.

‘Mustn’t complain’ is what we all keep hearing and it seems we can always manage to get cooler in the daytime.

Getting to sleep in this heat?

Getting to sleep in this heat?

Getting to sleep in this heat?

The nights being hot can cause us anxiety as it interferes with our sleep patterns, which in turn affects our working days.
Research has shown that there seems to be an ideal temperature for sleep and this involves our bodies dropping temperature by nearly a degree. Therefore when the temperature is very high, it takes longer to fall asleep.
When sleep is achieved, it can cause you to have a fragmented sleep with a lot less dreaming and deep sleep.

Getting to sleep abroad whilst on holidays is often made easier by way of air conditioning units as the heat is constantly hot and holiday lets and hotels are prepared for the heat.
It has come as a bit of a shock to us!

Getting to sleep in this heat?
In the holiday sunshine


Here are some helpful tips for getting to sleep in this heat….

Getting to sleep in this heat?
Hot tips for getting to sleep

Do whatever you can to prevent a build-up of heat in your home during the daytime. This can include using blinds to keep out sunlight and keeping all the windows closed if the temperature outside is much hotter than inside.

At night time, if the temperature drops cooler outside, open up all your windows! Simple but avoiding letting excessive heat in during the day really helps keep the whole house temperature down.

It may be worth investing in a fan if you continue to have trouble getting to sleep in this weather.
Remember that it is really important to keep your windows open whilst operating the fan, as the air from the fan needs to circulate or the motor of the fan running will merely heat the room!

Getting to sleep in an old, ‘saggy’ mattress will make you feel hot. A quality sumptuous mattress with good support will help your comfort levels and induce a great nights sleep.

Lighter bedding layers will help, going down in your tog level on the quilt will also have an instant effect.
I like to put a top flat bottom sheet on my bed in the heat which allows me the choice of just having a sheet to cover up with.

Getting to sleep can simply be about being tired!
Try and get lots of daylight early in the day as this will waken your body. In contrast as the evening comes along try to minimise the light exposure which reduces the production of melatonin and helps you get to sleep.

Avoid exercise after 6 pm, although this may be quite some time before getting to sleep time, any exercise raises your body temperature and takes a long time to reduce again.

A cool shower or mist sprayer may help with this before bed.

Getting cooler and getting to sleep
Getting cooler

I hope these few tips give you some ideas to try and help you with getting to sleep
in this heat?!

See you in store, just ask for Joanne – Bedroom Specialist – Better Furniture Great Yarmouth’s Premier Furniture Store.
Until my next blog, sleep well and sound.

Getting to sleep- Bedroom-Furniture
Getting to sleep -Bedroom-Furniture