Good Nights Sleep Makes Good Memory

Better Memory From a Good Nights Sleep… How? Get a Good Nights Sleep – Everybody has suffered from a bad nights sleep where you are tossing and turning ALL night.

Just when you start drifting off to sleep something outside disturbs you or just a random thought comes into your head.

Lady trying to get a good nights sleep
A task you may have to sort out tomorrow enters into your thoughts and off you go again trying desperately to drop off into the land of nod! Sounds familiar to you?
So you know how valuable sleep is?! It is impossible to function efficiently without enough of it and lack of sleep will easily have an impact on your ability to perform all manner of tasks.

A good nights sleep helps not lose your memory

A sleep study revealed that a lack of sleep has a direct affect on our ability to remember.
People who get a good nights sleep are more likely to fulfill their plans.
Prospective memory – This is the memory we use for remembering to buy someone a birthday card or running errands, distinct from this is the retrospective memory – This is the memory we use for remembering events that have already taken place.
The sleep study revealed that in both cases lack of sleep had a direct impact for people.

So if you want to improve your memory, why not try a memory foam mattress? It could help!
It may not have any qualities that directly help your ability to retain and retrieve information, but it should ensure that you sleep better, which in turn will help your memory!

A good nights sleep is so very important in lots of ways.

A cat ALWAYS has a good nights sleep!

Have you ever known a cat to struggle getting a good nights sleep?!



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Until my next blog, sleep well and sound.