Good Nights Sleep – What’s that!

Good Nights Sleep, what does this ACTUALLY mean? Everyone has a different way of dealing with being tired and a different opinion on how many hours constitute the “right” amount of sleep.

The figure of eight hours is often used as a standard per night, but we all know people who say that they are lucky if they get two or four hours! The answer is its whatever we NEED!

We all have various optimum levels of sleep that are right for us, this can also vary at different stages of our lives and the time of the year will also affect the sleep you need.
So the answer is anything between three and eleven hours can be thought of as normal, depending on the individual.

If you are feeling alert and awake throughout the day, you are probably getting a good nights sleep! If however you are feeling weary and irritable this may well be a symptom of lack of sleep!

Good nights sleep - maybe!
Good nights sleep – maybe!


A good nights sleep will be helped enormously by tackling any stress in our lives.

Both financial worries or employment struggles will keep us awake. Even a restless sleep will make us wake up in the morning tired. This can be a vicious circle which continually consumes our rest and will have an affect on our daily lives.

Looking beyond stress, its always worth considering your bedtime routine as well as the comfort and size of your bed. We have so much to hinder us getting a good nights sleep these days!
The routine before getting to bed needs to allow for ‘wind down’ time. Using tablets and phones before getting to sleep will only aid the stimulation of brain activity.

good nights sleep cat with a mobile phone

Try using a relaxation ‘wind down’ to bed, this will be personal to you as everybody enjoys different techniques.
Gain 10 top tips on beating insomnia by following this link to a NHS advice site.

Visit back to our blog area at Better Furniture soon and I will be revealing more remedies for getting a good nights sleep.

Good Nights Sleep - Only a click away!
Good Nights Sleep – Only a click away!


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Until my next blog, sleep well and sound.