Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips Fabric

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips for fabric sofas.

Part 1  (Fabric)

 Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips ( Arianne)  Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips ( Norfolk)

How can you tell What is a Good Quality sofa is?

Would you know what to look for to make sure you were getting the best value for money  on a Good Quality Sofa?

Here is a buyers guide to help you learn what to look for when buying your perfect sofa.

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips

When looking to purchase you fabric sofa, the first thing that I would look for or to ask the sales person is…

Question 1) What type of framework does this sofa have? And what is the frame guarantee?

This is vitally important.  As we all spend alot of time on a sofa (or would like too), and we need to know that the main body of the sofa will perform well and last the test of time.

Buying your sofa is a big decision as you will usually like it to be with you for a number of years.

Answer .  You are looking for either a good and long frame guarantee.

 At Better Furniture we offer the Fama sofas with an amazing lifetime frame guarantee and 10 years seat suspension guarantee.

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips (Afrika)Alternatively, a framework that is made from a hardwood, for example beech or birch.  Particularly on the supporting rail, the weight bearing areas.  Here we show the Franklin from Better Furniture. A sofa with hardwood rails, glued, screwed and stapled frame.  Great value at a great price.

Good Quality sofas Hint and Tips ( Franklin)

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips

 2) If you are looking at  a patterned fabric, especially striped,  a Good Quality sofa should be pattern matched.  This is where the fabric over the cushions and the frame match at the seams.

At Better Furniture you will see this on the Herringston sofa.

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips

3) Seats cushions.  Another handy hint to help find a Good Quality sofa is to turn the seat cushions over.

A good Quality sofa will have fabric all the way around the seat cushions. And also on the framework underneath.  This will enable you to turn and rotate the cushions regularly to maximise the wear on your sofa.

You can see this on the Norfolk sofa at Better Furniture.

I hope this has gone some way to helping you choose you new fabric sofa.

However if it is a Leather sofa that you are looking for, tune in next week for

Good Quality sofas  Hints and Tips

Part 2 (Leather)

Thank you


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