Headboards – Changing the Whole Look Simply

Headboards for your bed – a headboard can  represent the centrepiece of your bedroom, and there is no better way of making it really stand out than with an eye-catching and sumptuous one.


At Better Furniture we have a wide selection of striking headboards for beds in a variety of styles,colours and sizes.

Headboards Adelphi

 Headboards are a great opportunity to match your bed to the decoration in your room.

We offer a wide selection of colours for all of our headboard designs.

Our headboards for beds are available in a range of sizes from single (3ft) to super-king.


Headboards Upholstered with Curved Top

From the classic rectangular style to the luxurious curved edges, which make a real statement.





Headboards With Full Depth to Floor
Headboards With Full Depth to Floor


You can give your bed status and kudos by choosing a full depth headboard, which really does look very smart, this one from our Sealy supplier co-ordinates to the divan base and mattress edging.








Headboards Imperial Victorian Style
Headboards Imperial Victorian Style.


A traditional and Victorian style can be achieved with our vast selection of metal headboards, the Imperial  headboard comes in antique brass or antique nickel for tradition with a sleek finish.







Choose the Urban metal headboard in nickel/chrome for a ‘funky’ or ‘street warehouse’ style, giving a more modern and contemporary look to your divan bed.

Headboards Urban Contemporary Style
Headboards Urban Contemporary Style


Headboard History

The history of the headboard starts with the pictorial legacies from Egyptian pharaohs.
The Headboards were carved in ebony, silver and gold (obviously more about ‘the show’ rather than the comfort!). These can be seen depicted in many early drawings.
Next were the Greeks and Romans. They were far more practical in their approach, they designed a basic wooden platform with a headboard to protect themselves from cold drafts.
With the draughts taken care of the addition of the headboard  also allowed them to eat and even socialize around the bed, making the bedroom the main entertaining area in the home!

The Middle Ages saw the canopy and fourposter designs being used. These were more intricate and elaborate in detail.
The bed became the most expensive and important piece of furniture in both rich and poor homes.

Headboards Create Ambience and Style

Headboards, whether you choose iron, timber or upholstered, a well-designed and well-made headboard can become a central attraction to the overall style and feel of your bedroom.
Regardless of the style or shape, a headboard will help anchor your room’s design.
If you need 
inspiration for the rest of the room’s furnishings, start with the headboard.

By taking ideas from the past, mixing different materials and modern methods, you can achieve stunning results.


Until next time, enjoy all the sunshine we have been having!

Joanne – Bedroom Specialist – Better Furniture Great Yarmouth
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