Helping Children Sleep Better

Helping children sleep better is THE most important thing we can do for the whole family. Those who follow my blogs will remember last months edition, ‘Lifting Spirits During Winter’.

The facts about sleep are startling. But are logical.

Helping children sleep better…

  • Sleep is an evolutionary and biological necessity.
  • Sleep is one of life’s great pleasures.
  • Sleep activates the healing process and re-hydrates spinal discs.
  • Sleep allows the brain to do maintenance, archiving, data processing.
  • Sleep strengthens the immune system.
  • Sleep facilitates your emotional reload.

For children and teenagers it is the ONLY time that they grow. Growth hormones are only released when we sleep.

Television Reports. Helping Children Sleep Better.

TV reports this week spoke about bedtime routines helping children sleep better. A consistent bedtime routine should be the cornerstone of a child’s development. This is important for the child. Its vital for partnerships to enjoy some time together.

Encouraging a calmness before bedtime by way of reading a story, a warm bath, and reminding them that bedtime will be at a certain time will help. A warm drink also helps finalise the routine to the conclusion that bed is the place to stop activity.

With older children there are so many distractions at bedtime. This is especially more so now as their rooms often contain computers, games consoles, televisions and of course most have phones with internet. All these medias will constantly stimulate activity in the brain. Not allowing a ‘switch off’ for bedtime.

The bedroom in any aged child is their sanctuary. Their place to be themselves and express feelings. Parents provide a haven in their homes for children. We also encourage personalisation, and independence in a space that can be called their own.

With helping children sleep better in mind, we have set out in store two fantastic ranges for children.

The Somerset range is chunky. Its a robust pine range. And its finished with an improved wax lacquer for a more natural and appealing look.

Somerset Short Wardrobe - Helping Children Sleep Better









This range offers shorter wardrobes and chests, plus a gorgeous, smaller than usual bedside cabinet. The furniture has dovetail jointed drawers with solid bottoms! so its sturdy for heavy handed little ones! and big ones too!

Somerset Dovetail Detail on Drawer - Helping Children Sleep Better








The other range is the Charlotte white painted collection. This is such a pretty range with its recessed drawer fronts. It has decorative arched doors and detailed feet.

Charlotte Single Bed and Bedsides - Helping Children Sleep Better









The range has a white distressed finish which I would describe as a dead flat matt. Perfect for a ‘shabby chic’ look. The Charlotte range would look equally fantastic with pastel colours or a darker shade. It also has dovetail joints and is extremely well formed.

Charlotte Chest and Pretty Trinket Mirror - Helping Children Sleep Better








Come and give these new displays a look in store. Better Furniture, Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth. With lots of stock available now. It can be delivered to your home quickly by our fantastic warehouse team.

Its the perfect time to change little ones bedrooms and help children sleep better. You can contact me on

See you again soon.