Home Furnishing Tips

Home Furnishing Tips

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Home furnishing tips


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Congratulations on your new home purchase!  I’m sure your extremely thrilled to move in and very excited to begin decorating it to make it your very own and to put your personal touch on it. Am I right? But of course I am, and before you run out and start picking out everything you think you want, pause for a moment. I know how tempting it is to start putting your mark on your new home but I would recomend following these few home furnishing tips to help avoid overspending, stress and wasted time.

Find the Look You Want

Before buying any furniture assess the items you already own and decide what you need to add or replace. Look through magazines, browse online for home furnishing tips or come into a Better Furniture showroom for inspiration and to see the vast collections available to you. What style is it your looking for, modern, vintage, chic, etc… then make your purchase.

Measure Before You Buy

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Before you buy furniture, measure your space taking in consideration things such as radiators, windows and door openings. Keep you measurements with you during your trip to the furniture store our one of our Better Furniture showrooms . It will be heartbreaking if after spending time and money that lovely sofa set doesn’t fit in the living room, right? Measure first!



Are you trying to shout out and make a statement or create a warm and relaxed atmosphere? If your not completely sure you may want to use neutral colours. Just remember what ever the colour it’s something your going to have to live with for some time.

Go Big First

Themis Tips on Furnishing Your New Home
Themis in leather.

A must home furnishing tip is to build the focal point of your room, buy the biggest furniture items first. Allways keep in mind you furniture collaborates with the colour palette of your home. Then begin to add the smaller pieces and accessories.

Don’t loose your patience

Home Furnishing Tips

Sometimes it all begins to feel to daunting and you just want to be done with it all, just remember it’s something you probably won’t change often, so follow these home furnishing tips to avoid stress. So when your ready come on in to one of our two Better Furniture showrooms in Norwich and Great Yarmouth where you can expect to find the latest ranges and extensive selections for all your furniture need in a stress free and inviting atmosphere. We are here to help whether it’s a single item your looking for or your whole home you need to furnish and remember we offer financing too. With a purchase of £250 or more delivery is included, so you can breath just that little bit easier.  We at Better Furniture look forward to meeting with you.


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