How to fold a napkin to dress your dining table

How to fold a napkin to dress your dining table.

There are many ways to dress your dinner table, whether it be for a more formal evening get together, or just a simple family meal.

Basic items you will require…

Plates, cutlery, placemats, wine glass, water glass, and napkins.

Napkins are one easy way to transform your table.  Here are some simple examples for that wow factor.

How to fold a napkin…

The single pocket….    How to fold a napkin

Step by step…. how to fold a napkin

1) Fold the napkin in half

2) Next turn the bottom of the napkin up approximately by 1/4 height of the napkin.

3) Turn this up again to around half way, this will make the pocket.

4)  Flip your napkin over.

5)  Fold the left hand side over, then the right hand side, enough so that you can tuck one side into the other to hold the fabric.

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6) Reverse the napkin back around and you have your single pocket napkin.

How to fold a napkin


How to fold a napkin The Fan….

Step by step…..How to fold a napkin

1) Fold the cloth in half.

2)     Pleat the Napkin from the bottom  of the narrow edge,   leaving about ⅓  at the top.

3) Fold this in half, leaving the pleats on the outside.

4) Take the top unfolded corner of fabric and fold  diagonally, tucking it under the pleats.

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5)  Release pleats and stand  up.

How to fold a napkin

The French pleat.

Step by step…. How to fold a napkin

1) Fold the cloth in half and in half again, to produce a

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