How to Furnish and Decorate Your Small Bedroom

How to Furnish and Decorate Your Small Bedroom

Bedroom-FurnitureThe bedroom is often the place of relaxation. But how to furnish and decorate your small bedroom? The difficulty lies in keeping a small bedroom looking fresh and crisp without overcrowding the space.


This may seem fairly obvious, but the reason a lot of people struggle with small bedrooms is because they try to fit too much into the space. Go through the decorating accessories and see if they can work in another room or you can sell it on to put it towards your bedroom budget. If you haven’t used it or noticed it was there over the last year, it might be time to get it out of your house.


Choosing the right colours
Dark colors can make a room feel even smaller so it’s important to make sure you choose lighter neutral colors that will help open up the room and make it brighter. Pastels, whites, tans, and light greys are perfect for the walls. You don’t have to stray from dark or bold colors completely, though choose them for accents like lampshades, throw pillows, or accessories. Keeping them in moderation is the key.

Shopping for furniture at Better Furniture
When purchasing new furniture for your small bedroom, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, make sure you have taken measurements so you know what will fit. Next, consider the size of the bed, a large bed will make your room feel tight and cluttered and it will not leave room for other furniture items. Instead, consider the different size beds available to see which will work best for you and your space. You’ll also want to consider furniture that will maximize your wall space. Try to steer clear of headboards that push the bed too far out from the wall. Finally, check out furniture that comes with built in storage in convenient places, like a Divan base with drawers. These will give you somewhere to store items without taking up valuable space in your room.


Furnish a focal point.
Having a main focal point in a small bedroom can really bring everything together. The focal point can be whatever you choose – some people go for a bold, bright painting that really makes a statement, while others go for an elegant, powerful piece of furniture like a beautiful bed. Remember that whatever you choose as the focal point will be the main element in the room, so you’ll want to decorate with it in mind.

So having a small bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t be the relaxing getaway you need after a long day. Keep in mind these simple tips, and a small space can still feel large and relaxing.  So stop in one of our Better Furniture showrooms and see what we can do for you. We don’t just sell furniture we sell confidence, piece of mind and the best furniture we can source to give your home the look and feel you come to want and expect.


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