Interior design. Line shape and form

Interior design. Line shape and form

Line shape and form for the home.  When it comes to creating your ideal home, or room, exactly where do you start?

Hints and tips.

Here are just a few tips on what to begin looking that might help with the Line shape and form in your home.

Interior design isn’t an exact science, but there are some basic rules that may help to help narrow down your selection.

The basic rules of design are Line shape and form , colour, texture, pattern and light.

Line shape and form

In this blog I want to begin by looking at Line shape and form and how choosing the correct line shape and form will create will the correct atmosphere and feeling in your room.

Line shape and form

Interior design.  Line shape and form.


Horizontal lines give a relaxed style, a calming effect.  I suggest a good way to create horizontal lines and a relaxed feel in your room is low-level living.   A good example here is the Arianne sofa from Better Furniture.


 This will also help to expand the room making it feel wider.  Choosing taller furniture makes the room feel more crowded and formal.  This is suggested by the use of more more vertical lines.

Curved lines give a softness, a more natural form and can express an energy.

Shape and form…

You can either have geometric shapes or organic shapes and forms.

          Geometric…….                                            Organic……..

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.07.07      Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.14.50

Perfectly geometric shapes, squares or rectangles for example, can cause an unrested feeling, as they are very ordered, with pointed edges.   If you were to mix these in with curved surfaces and outlines, which have a relaxed feel and appear more soothing, you can create the ideal interior for your home.

Arianne and MyApple


Fama are great at this combination.  At Better Furniture we offer a great choice and selection to marry these ideas with your own creativity. ‘ Fama sofas are characterised by curved shapes, use of exclusive and colourful fabrics, and above all exceptional comfort and functionality.’  ” Sofas to enjoy at home”

MyNestBe brave and mix Line shape and form together and watch your ideas take shape and form in your home.

Lucie Sofa specialist

Better Furniture Norwich.

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