Investment in Your Mattress For $175,000

Another fantastic article on my perfect bed!
Investment into your sleep – It seems there is no end of newsworthy and ‘blog worthy’ bed sourced stories, which is great for me to find, but it does make me think just how much sleep touches upon our entire lives.
Sleep is so important, and the mattress we sleep on has to be given the greatest consideration.
With this in mind a mattress that is perfect and delivers the best nights sleep is worth any amount of dollars or pound notes!

A mattress is always going to be an investment but when you can buy a mattress for $175,000 now that is an that investment that is clearly valued highly by the purchaser.

British mattress manufacturer Savoir Beds this week is launching a limited edition “Royal Bed” with a $175,000 price tag at Kensington Palace in London.

Savoir has described its mattress as “an investment” in your well being.

Investment in Your Mattress

Ultimately, a “great night’s sleep” is what it’s all about, said Savoir Beds’ managing director Alistair Hughes. “It’s an investment that pays off every morning of your life.”

Imagine waking up every morning in such luxury?!

The costs are completely justified as each mattress will require more than 700 hours of labour. The mattress contains masses and masses of curled Latin American horse tail, there is also mountains of pure Mongolian cashmere, and enough specially woven silk to be strung from New York to Miami and almost halfway back again (more than 1,600 miles worth).

You can also have your own family crest, initials or favourite emblem embroidered into the mattress. The work is carried out by the Royal School of Needlework, which had a significant role in making Princess Kate’s wedding dress.

Only 60 of these beds will be made, so if your thinking about it! You will need to place an order quick!

To that end, the Royal Bed will be unveiled Thursday at Kensington Palace, the royal residence and museum, as part of an exhibit of early state beds.


Investment in Your Sleep 

And this investment is certainly wotth the consideration :-  the bed, mattress and box spring are guaranteed to last at least 25 years (although you’ll have to replace the topper every 5-7 years for $5,000-$10,000).

If you divide $175,000 by 365 nights for 25 years, it comes out to less than $20 per night.

Sounds completely reasonable? The investment just may be worth it!

Check the article for yourself, it made great business news this week.


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Until my next blog, sleep well and sound.