Lifting Spirits During Winter – A Few Ideas

Lifting Spirits During Winter

Here are a few Ideas for lifting spirits during winter. With the excitement of the Great British summer behind us and the Olympics and Paralympics are now a happy and proud memory.

The whole country was swept along with the fitness of life and in some of our cases passed us by! Autumn is here and a cold snap imminently due to set in this weekend. The clocks also go back and the nights will quickly draw in making us snuggle up and cosy in!

The most important two things for this time of the year in particular are a comfy bed
to climb into at night and a sumptuous seat to relax into after work. This is closely followed by the right style and feel in the rooms you sit or sleep. With this in mind, I have come up with a few ways of warming your heart and lifiting spirits as winter comes along!

Lifting Spirits – Some Winter Ideas for lifting your spirits

Changing your colour scheme in a key room like your bedroom or living room to an
uplifting and warm vibrant shade will make you smile lifiting spirits many times in your day. Simply by adding an accent colour or changing some artwork or lamps will transform your mood really lifting spirits of you and your family.
lifting spirits flowersA snuggle chair or reclining sofa is just the thing after the working day on your feet, we all appreciate the benefits of raising your legs when seated.
Your styling and decoration is important along with the perfect colour match for your home, this is easily achieved with the hundreds of colour swatches we have available, but the ‘Mmmm’ factor is what we all look for when collapsing into the chair of our choice.
Lime Snuggle Chair
We have some fantastic offers on Silentnight display clearance beds here in the store
at the moment, so instead of treating everyone else this Christmas, why not indulge yourself!
A new bed is not just for Christmas though! A new bed will give you many years of undisturbed sleep, ache free comfort and above all you will wake up more ready for your day.
  1. Sleep is an evolutionary and biological necessity, as well as one of life’s great pleasures
  2. Sleep activates the healing process and re-hydrates spinal discs
  3. Sleep allows the brain to do maintenance, archiving, data processing
  4. Sleep strengthens the immune system
  5. Sleep facilitates your emotional reload

For children and teenagers it is the ONLY time that they grow as growth hormones are only released when we sleep.

With the huge choice of toppings and fillings for beds these days, its a great idea to come along to our store and try them all for size!
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Hope to see you soon.