Trouble Sleeping? Long Term Effects Without Sleep.

Long term effects without sleep can be a very surprising and enlightening read.Many of my regular readers will already have an idea from previous blogs about poor sleep and the benefits of a good nights sleep.

How much rest on average we all need has always been well documented, and I have looked into the different ways we can improve on getting more sleep and how so many different things can have an impact on the quality of our sleep.

The most surprising research I have found on the long term effects without proper rest is how it can have effects on our WHOLE well being ….

Long term effects without sleep.

The ability to consolidate memories can be difficult without sleep. Our daily tasks along with decision making is affected and impaired.


Long term effects without sleep A Weaker Immune System

Even a slight sleep deprivation can cause a weaker immunity within our body systems.
If you are having less than six hours of sleep every night this can take its toll on the immune system.



Long term effects without sleep.

Long term effects without sleep Sleep paralysis.

This is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. More formally,it is a transition state between wakefulness and rest (more commonly known as REM ). This is also associated with people who are sleep deprived and suffering with continued lack of sleep.

Long term effects without sleep Depression.

This is five times more likely to affect someone with insomnia than someone who gets a good nights sleep.


Long term effects without sleep High Blood Pressure.

Loss of sleep can cause your heart to work overtime as it has not had a break. This will increase your overall blood pressure which may lead to other heart conditions.


Long term effects without sleep Weight Fluctuations.

When staying awake for too long our bodies will struggle to process blood sugar and a protein hormone called leptin which is needed to regulate the appetite and metabolism. This will cause fluctuations in weight gain and loss.


Long term effects without sleep Damaged Bones.

Research has found a change in mineral density and bone marrow when deprived of sleep over a period of 72 days.

The facts about the long term effects without sleep is startling.

You will look at your bed as a saviour from all this now!
Are YOU getting enough sleep?

Until next time sleep well and sound – Joanne

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