Maintaining your sofa

Maintaining your sofa

When you purchase your brand new sofa you want it to look great for as long as possible.

Maintaining your sofa…

Fabric sofas.

Maintaining your sofa, Newton.

Most fabric sofas these days are what we called upholstered.  By this I mean tightly covered, so you cannot remove any fabric from the arms and the body of the sofa.  This means you cannot remove the fabric from the seat and back cushions.

This is due to the fire retardant treatment that has been put on the inside of the fabric.  This is a requirement by law in the UK to make your furniture safe.

The easiest way to keep fabric clean and looking good is simply to hoover it.

Nothing easier than that for maintaining your sofa.


Cushion maintenance.

We all sit on our sofas for quite a few hours of an evening, if we’re lucky enough that is.  This means that our seat cushions take quite a battering.  If they are not plumped regularly they can flatten, and thus shorten there life span.  So here is a handy hint how to ‘plump’ your cushions correctly to keep them as comfortable as the first day you bought them.

Maintaining your sofa with….

Fibre Cushion interiors.

Maintaining your sofa, Newton.An unmaintained sofa that is in need of a good plumping.

Maintaining your sofa, Newton.

Open the zip slightly to allow the air to flow.

 20131011_114952              20131011_114931-e1381493208140-768x1024

Bang on each side of the cushion on the floor to get air in to puff up the fibres.

Swap the cushions from one side to the other, to get even wear on the fabric.

Dont forget the back cushions.  These need to be beaten and rotated also.

And Voila!

A beautifully ‘plumped’ up sofa!

Maintaining your sofa with…

Foam Cushion interiors.

 Now these cushions are even easier!

After you have hoovered your fabric, simply rotate and swap your seat cushions around so that you get even wear on your cushion and seat fabric.  Friction is the one thing that will wear your fabric.  So by rotating your cushions you will help your sofa look good and last for longer.

Maintaining your sofa…

Leather Sofas

The good thing with leather sofas is that they generally are fully tightly upholstered.  So no cushions should need taking off and plumping.

To look after your leather I would only ever hoover and wipe over with a very damp or dry cloth, simply to remove any dust that can build up.

Maintaining your sofa. Salerno in leather.

Do Not use Baby wipes!

Do not use washing liquid, or any other detergents.

This could ruin your leather sofa quickly.

At Better Furniture we sell a Leather Care Kit that will have cleaning solution and a moisturising solution.  This is suitable for all types of leather and should only need to be done approximately once very 6 months.


These are available at £20.

 Be careful, the wrong product can also damage your sofa.  Only use a product that has been recommended to you for your sofa.

Maintaining your sofa…with

Castellan 5 year Premier care 

Maintaining your sofa

At Better Furniture we also offer a stainguard treatment on all fabric sofas, to help guard against spills and stains.

This is also available on Leather, and will guard against spill, stains and any accidental damage, for 5 Years.

To find out more come and see me, Lucie, in our Norwich Better Furniture and I can explain more.

I look forward to seeing you.

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