Making the most of a Modular Sofa

Making the most of a Modular Sofa – Part 1

One way to best make use of the space that you have in your Conservatory or Living Room is to have a Modular Sofa.

These can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but are ideal for these types of spaces as you can adapt them to create something that is totally unique and that suits your needs perfectly.

Here at Better Furniture we have a wide variety of Modular Sofas available so sit back and relax as I show a little of whats on offer to you!

Modular Sofa – Deimos

Deimos Sofa

The Deimos is a beautifully simple, modern sofa that has wonderfully clean lines that make it very easy on the eye. You can create a regular straight Sofa or a Corner Sofa using 20cm increments to get just the right size for your home – how great is that?!

Fabric Samples
Just a small selection of the colours available to choose from!

There are lots of colours and textures of fabric for you to choose from and you can even create a two-tone sofa, giving you a lifted effect and making the Sofa you design that little bit more special.

Oh and did I mention that they also have adjustable headrests too? – perfect for creating the comfort and support that you require!

Modular Sofa - Deimos
Deimos with headrest down
Deimos headrest up

Making the most of a Modular Sofa – Part 1

That concludes part 1 of my blogs on Modular Sofas, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, stay tuned for Part 2 coming to you soon!