Moving House? Here to Help.

moving house

Moving House? Here to Help.

At Better Furniture we not only want you to find the best furniture  at the best prices, we want to help you on your journey to everything else in-between.

Are you thinking about selling up & moving house? Well a lot of us are wanting to do just that but many of us fall into the category of finding the home we want to move into but are having difficulties getting offers on our own properties or the offers are well below the asking price. With this in mind I began scrutinising my own home and started doing a bit of research to find out how I can gain the most with the least amount of investment to get my home to stand out from all the others.

In the next few articles I will give you ideas for all the areas of your home you can make improvements on whether it’s moving furniture around or a bit of decorating to help capture your homes full potential in the market we’re in today. From the onset you must remember you want to try and recoup any monies you put out on improvements so watch your budget and lastly you need it to appeal to the masses even if it may not be particular to your taste, but remember, your moving house and it’s not going to be yours for too much longer.

I would recommend having 4 to 5 estate agents look at your property and give you ideas on what your home is worth on the market and what the masses are looking for in the properties being sold today. I would also recommend  interviewing the estate agents to see which is going to do the most to see your home sell at the best rate. With the insight you gain from  knowledgable estate agents you can now create a strategy alongside a budget to work within to get the offers on your home rolling in.

Now with that bit out of the way you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get started on selling your home.

My following article will endeavor to bring out the importance of Kerb Appeal and ideas in which to achieve your home standing out amongst the crowd.

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