My Apple, My Way

As I am the newest member of the team here at Better Furniture Great Yarmouth I thought that you all deserved to know about My Apple!!

No its not something I can eat or grows on trees, Its not Juicy, Sweet or Sour and I definately can’t make a phone call with it.

It is My Apple and it can look however I want it to look.

What I am talking about is the most stylish statement piece of furniture that I have seen.

Whats EVEN BETTER is that I can design it in whatever colour or colours that I want it in.

My Apple Our store design
Here are the sizes.

This amazing piece of furniture is made by FAMA, This company has to be one of the most forward thinking companies I have ever known in the furniture industry.

My Apple is not a chair or a sofa, It’s a lot like a large snuggle chair but it’s almost big enough to fit the whole family on to watch that all important movie, read a bedtime story or to just chill out and relax.

Fama Sofa Simulator at Better Furniture
Try it out for yourself

Why not go on to our website and design your own on our SOFA SIMULATOR.

You can see every range that FAMA has to offer and put your own unique twist to it. If you LOVE bright and colourful then this will be right up your street but if you need a sofa that will match your decor or prefer neutral colours then you will definately find what you are looking for and more.

FAMA only use the best pieces of hardwood for their structure, they cut out any knots and imperfections to make the sturdiest frame possible.

The seats are made of high density foam to keep its shape so it looks fabulous from day one. So you can have it delivered by our PREMIER DELIVERY TEAM for FREE and snuggle up without a care in the world.

THE BEST PART OF ALL, No having to plump the seat you have been sitting on. Obviously you will have to bash the back scatter cushions but that can be fun especially if you are having a bad day!

That old saying an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away may be true, or an old wives tale just to make us eat fruit, but this Apple will definately be stylish, comfortable and you can eat whatever you like on it. My choice would be lots of chocolates while I lounge around.

If you would like to try out this amazing piece of furniture then pop in to see us and have a seat on My Apple, We will even make you a drink (Soft drinks only i’m afraid).

We all look forward to seeing you in the near future.Until then keep eating those apples as they are good for you but chocolates while sitting on My Apple sounds better to me.

Have fun, Laugh lots and enjoy life.See you soon

Sam Sheldon