Oak Furniture at Better Furniture Norwich

At Better Furniture Barker Street we have one of the best collections of Oak furniture in Norwich.

There is something very special about real natural wood. It is so versatile, tactile and visually appealing. Oak Furniture, in particular, can take on so many guises and can be used to complement any style of décor in any type of home.

Oak Furniture
100% Solid Oak Ranges Available in-store & online.

Oak Furniture

Here at Better Furniture Norwich we have incorporated all these properties within our 28 different ranges of oak dining room furniture and 23 oak bedroom ranges. All oak furniture ranges are, of course, ready assembled.
Consequently, our Norwich and Great Yarmouth customers enjoy the widest possible choice of styles and shades, knowing that quality, durability and longevity are the common denominators across the ranges.
Our enthusiastic staff are always happy to walk you through, and demonstrate, the various options open to you.

Smoked Oak
Ingham Smoked Oak

It is always our intention to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one, be it online at www.betterfurniture.co.uk or in store.
Having made your choice, your oak furniture will serve to enhance your home, looking fresh and revitalised with every décor change over many years to come.

Todenham Painted Furniture
Our very popular Oak & Painted Furniture Todenham Dining Range

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