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Painted Furniture. How, why, where, when?

Painted Furniture

There has been a resurgence of “new” painted furniture in recent years. Truth is, it never went away.

Japan covered their cabinets in the most intricate of designs at least a thousand years ago, but the style referred to here is the covering of furniture in solid blocks of colour, which probably came to prominence on the continent about three hundred years ago. It has been around in various forms ever since. Better Furniture stores in Norwich and Great Yarmouth have endorsed their market leading policy by sourcing eight dining room/living room ranges and eleven bedroom ranges to satisfy demand. These new ranges are fully assembled and in soft neutral colours such as satin white, cream, ivory, French grey and stone grey. The painted furniture work finishes are satin or eggshell.
Some ranges, like Todenham, are available in dining, living and bedroom ranges, so a whole house could be co-ordinated in one visit to our stores or website.
Some of the ranges feature solid colour whilst others, like the Todenham, have achieved a perfect marriage of colour and natural wood. In the Todenham’s case, the wood chosen is oak.

Todenham Painted FurnitureCabinet styling has been kept simple, leaving the warmth of natural oak and the soft grey paintwork to make the statement.
The oak tops have been finished with a satin lacquer, enhancing the natural beauty of the oak and ensuring they are durable and suitable for everyday use.
Handles too have been carefully selected. The inverted cup and round button designs used are finished in a satin nickel and blend perfectly with the stone grey paint.
Whether you live in a Victorian terrace or an ultra-modern new build, the comprehensive Todenham painted furniture range include cabinets to fit any combination of placements and will always complement your décor.
Did I mention they are currently available at half price?

Todenham Bedroom

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