Pine Wood and its Variety of Uses.

Pine wood has a variety of uses which makes it widely used as a commercial commodity.

Often used in the construction industry for framework areas in walls, floors and in the roof.

Pine wood is widely used in high-value carpentry items such as furniture.

Pine is characterized by its straight, fine and even grain.

Solid Pine Wood Somerset Range




Whilst knots are found in pine wood they are small and tight, giving the overall look a popular and much revered rustic quality as a finish.

Solid Chunky Pine Wood Triple Wardrobe


The timber is stable and extremely durable.

The pine trees are found mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, although they have been introduced throughout most temperate and sub tropical regions of the world as demand increases.

 The tree is a quick growing timber and due to the acid decaying needles they prevent other hardwood timbers growing that may compete alongside them.

The commercial pine is grown in huge plantations and produces a timber that is denser and contains more resin.

This makes a far stronger  product than the domestic variety of Spruce.

The Farmhouse Pine Wood Range Close Up








Some species of pine produces a resin that is an important source when making turpentine.


Eating the Pine Wood!

Eating the Pine Wood!
Pine wood on a plate!

The moist and soft white inner bark is called the cambrium.

The  cambrium is a soft bark and is found clinging to the woody outer bark of the pine tree, it contains high levels of vitamins A and  C!

It can be eaten in slices raw!



The people of Finland eat this as a snack or use it dried and ground up into a powder for use in their stews and soups as a thickener!

They also make a bread called Pettuleipa from this part of the bark.

Some of the pine species have large seeds, called pine nuts, and these are harvested and sold for cooking and baking.

The Mohawk Indians who were known as ‘tree eaters’ and were called so because of their diet of the cambrium delicacy!

I think you will agree now that pine wood is a very versatile wood!

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