Popular Oak Furniture Choices

Popular oak furniture choices. Oaks are a popular choice for making furniture of all shapes and sizes. There are literally hundreds of species of oak trees located in various areas of the world.

Popular Oak Furniture Choices – The main two widely used are the Red Oak and the White Oak.

We have many oak ranges shown in all the different textures and colour variations of Oak here in Better Furniture. From the lightest of the White American Oaks with a contemporary metal handle or wooden knob to the dark grains of the Red Oak with its long streaks of grain, both popular oak furniture choices.

Red Oak has a distinct sleek finish and is extremely durable, the grain is usually darker
throughout and can give furniture a very unique finish. White Oak has an even more durable quality as it is naturally waterproof, making it resistant to rot and used for popular oak furniture choices. This is why many ships were built with White Oak and outdoor furniture is often made using it for the same reason.

The Oak tree is a hardwood and many species are grown in the Mediterranean Sea region. Portugal, Spain, Algeria and Morocco producing most of the World’s supply.

Oak trees all produce a flower called a catkin and these come out in the Spring time.
The fruit of the Oak is a nut called an acorn, this acorn has an appearance of a cup-like structure and is known as a cupule. Every acorn has only one seed, it is very rare for a species to produce more than one seed and each seed takes between 6-18 months to mature.

The Major Oak - popular Oak Furniture Choices






This is a beautiful old Oak tree, located in England and called The Major Oak.

This is thought to be between 800 to 1,200 years old.
It is also the largest oak tree in the UK.
The overall size of the tree is remarkable.
It has a height of 19 metres (52 feet), the girth of the main trunk is 10 metres (33 feet) and the spread of the branches and leaves is 28 metres (92 feet).

Since the Middle Ages, Oak has been used for the finest of furniture.

But there is also uses of an edible nature on the Oak tree.

All acorns contain tannin, an organic chemical that is also found in tea and coffee.

Most of the bitterness from the tannins can be successfully removed by boiling the acorns for several hours.

White oak acorns do not require the removal of tannins and can be shucked and dried without boiling. The acorns after drying can then be ground into a course meal using a heavy duty grain grinder. The ground acorn can be used as a coffee or a flour to make
nut bread and cookie recipes.

The White Oak acorns are also sweet enough to eat raw, but mostly the acorn is best roasted or boiled and dried. It can be eaten as a nut or even dipped in syrup to make into a candy. Acorns are a rich source of protein and fat.



Come in store for more Acorn recipes!







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