Quality Leather Types

Quality Leather Types

When it comes to buying leather, there are many different Quality Leather Types to choose from.

It can be very confusing with lots of people advising different things.

I would like to offer a simple guide to help you choose from different Quality Leather Types

Quality Leather Types… advise guide

Leather is a natural product.


To get Leather to a quality where it can be for upholstery, clothing, shoes etc. it needs to go through a process that is call ‘Tanning’.

Quality Leather Types   Quality Leather Types

There are many different types of tanning processes, and many different stages to go through this to get to the finished product.

Here at Better Furniture we use High Quality Italian Leathers.

Quality Leather Types

Quality Leather Types   Quality Leather Types  Quality Leather Types

Italian tanneries are world renowned for the technology they use to provide great, natural characteristics of beautiful leather.  Giving the leather its softness, colour fastness, and durability.

Quality Leather Types…. Starting with only the best.


This leather is the the top cut from the hide.  This way you maintain the best and most natural aspects of the leather.  You will still see some marks, grain, and insect bites.  This all adds to the natural character of the leather.

In Upholstery, the hide is closely inspected and any such imperfections are used to a minimum.  This is why the cost can sometimes be greater for a better quality leather type. We will only use the best for you here at Better Furniture.

Full Aniline… Top Full Grain hide, where the leather is simply dyed. It has not been buffed and sanded, like some  Quality Leather Types.  This is a leather that will mark and age quickly, due to its beautiful soft touch.  Not hugely used in upholstery for this reason.

Semi Aniline… Top full grain leather.  Here extra colour pigment has been added to the surface of the leather to give a slightly more uniform colour, with less variation.  You will not lose the natural character of the leather but it is more durable.  This is the most popular used quality leather type for sofas.

Quality Leather Types

Antiqued Grain… A semi aniline leather where the hide has been put through a ‘tumble dryer’ of types, to begin the ageing process, slightly distressing the leather to give an aged appearance,  for the more traditional style of sofa.

Antiqued Leather

Corrected Grain…  Rectified grain leather, is exactly what it says.  It has had more correction done to the surface and an artificial grain applied to the surface to hide any imperfections.  This in turn does have the added benefit of making it more durable, but less natural looking.

Corrected Leather

Split Grain…  This is the leather left from the split of the top Full Grain leather.  This will then have an artificial finish embossed to it.  This is called bi- cast leather.  Split leather is also used for suede due to its soft nature.

Here at Better Furniture on our sofas we only use full grain quality leather types all over the sofas.  They can be covered using this leather on the seats and backs with alternative look a like fabric substitutes used on the other ares, This is mainly done to keep costs lower.

 Better Furniture believes in quality service and quality products.

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