Save sofas from cat scratches. Top tips to stop kitty clawing.

Save sofas from cat scratches.

Sophie  Sophie sleeping

Cute! Cuddly! Adorable!

Until they do this!

Damaged furniture, save sofas

As shown above from

You’ve just bought your brand new sofa.  You’ve waited weeks for it.  It looks wonderful.


Herringston Buccino

If it  is a fabric sofa ……………….. or a leather sofa.

Kitty will find it.

The last thing you want to happen is for kitty to destroy your new sofa.

Cats scratch.  They eat, sleep, scratch and play.  Its a natural behaviour.  So to help stop scratching furniture and to save sofas we need to first understand why they do it.

Cats scratch for many reasons.

  • It keeps their claws in good condition.
  • It sharpens the claws and helps to shed the old outer husk of the nail.
  • Also acting as a territorial marker.


For little kitty scratching will help to stretch legs and strengthen muscles too.  So we don’t want to stop them scratching, just choose where they do it.

Save sofas from cat scratches

Training kitty to use a cat scratcher is the best form of defence. You need to ensure you get the right scratcher for your cat.  Does your cat scratch vertically, horizontally, on its back?  Make sure it is sturdy and strong, and tall enough to stretch out fully.

Cat scratcher, save sofas

A well used and loved scratching post.

I know cat scratchers may not be the most attractive piece of furniture in the home, but it will save sofas and stop kitty from destroying your furniture.

Other ways to save sofas

  • Water spray, aim to do this before he starts scratching.  Some say a citrus oil mix with help deter them.
  • Cover the sofa with something your cat won’t like.  For example sticky tape and tin foil.  But don’t forget , your furniture is new and beautiful, and you want to keep it that way.
  • Place a balloon on the sofa and when kitty claws it will burst.  Associating the sofa with something frightening.

I much prefer simple options, much friendlier to your kitty too.

  • Keep claws trimmed regularly
  • Shut the doors to the rooms where your new sofas are.
  • A sharp tone of voice, every time kitty goes near a piece if furniture looking to claw it, shout “no!” firmly.  then pick them up and place neat to the scratching post.
  • Keep kitty stimulated with plenty of playtime toys.  More opportunities to exercise will create less chances and less energy to be destructive.
  • Be patient and understanding.  Over time, the repeated love and attention that you share with your cat will mean that they will want to please you.  Using their scratching post, not the sofa.

Save sofas! And have a happy and content kitty cat too.

Sophie relaxed and happy  Bruno and Zilba happy together

I hope these top tips go some way to help keep it that way for as long as possible.


To find you purrr…fect new sofa why not come down and see us at Better Furniture.  We have a wide variety of fabric and leather sofas to choose from, made just for you, your way.

If you’ve got any horror stories from you little terror kitty, please leave a reply below.

Thanks for reading.

Lucie, sofa specialist, Better Furniture, Norwich.

Better Furniture

and Sophie.


Zilba and Bruno too.

Zilba  Bruno