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Sealy Beds are just one of the fantastic suppliers providing Better Furniture with probably the best selection and choice of beds and mattresses in the UK.

Sealy Beds

Sealy Beds – The Perfect Bed Creation in Production

Based in Cumbria, nestled within a beautiful community called Aspatria, the Sealy company has held four generations of family members as staff.
The company whole-heartedly rely, trust and support their community and the community reciprocates. I had the priviledge of visiting Sealy at the end of last year and discovered just how beds are made!
People are very evident at the Sealy Beds production workplace, so many processes are involved creating their amazing mattresses and divans, the latest technology is used, but all hand finishing and checking is done by people!

Sealy Beds – Not everyone who works on these mattresses, are mattress experts. Some are doctors!

It’s called the Orthopedic Advisory Board (OAB). And Sealy are the only supplier in the UK to have this.
Sealy has always embraced their orthopedic heritage. And in 2006, they created a way to take it even further.
By finding the most respected doctors, the most talented surgeons and extraordinary clinicians to help advance their sleep technologies.
These doctors don’t just consult. They are involved from concept (some ideas even come from insights gained from their work with patients) to evolve into the final product.
This is why Sealy can offer maximum support within a mattress, but not at the expense of pressure relief.
This is unrivaled by any other mattress supplier.
The Sealy Posturepedic push-back system of springs distributes our weight away from the heavy part of our bodies. Pressure is relieved where we need it most.
This is a result of working with doctors who advise Sealy directly.
This is worthy of a repeat: Sealy is the only mattress company who does this.
Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are unique creations dirived from an extensive and considered process.

Sealy Beds and mattresses are also endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house mites, with their eco-friendly smart fibres which help to keep you cool and fresh at night.

At Better Furniture we stock an amazing selection of Sealy’s most impressive beds and mattresses including; Posture Ortho,Posture Reflex, Posture Elegance, Napoli, Toscana and the Salerno.

Sealy Napoli Posturepedic Divan Set




The Napoli has Innergetic Latex toppings and pocket springs.


Sealy Toscana Posturepedic Divan Set



The Toscana also has Innergetic Latex  toppings and pocket springs.


Choose from a range of comfort levels and firmness including; Zero Deflection Spring System, Weight Responsive Springs and the Pocket Spring System to find the perfect bed for you.

Beds and mattresses by Sealy not only leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day
but also ensure a really good night’s sleep.


Call into our specialist bedding area on Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth, my name is Joanne and I would love to help you find the comfort zone that suits your perfect comfort level.

Sleep well and sound until next time we speak.

Joanne – Bedroom Specialist – Better Furniture Great Yarmouth
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