Sealy Beds – magic behind the scenes

Hi Blog readers!
Joanne from the bedding department, here at Better Furniture!

I have just returned safely from a VERY rainy Cumbria.

Does anyone remember the children’s programme ‘Play school’?
They used to have this piece in the content that allowed viewers to go through the window…

Going through the arched window today…. I visited the Sealy bed factory!

What a fantastic set up to see in production. The greeting on arrival was a very warm one and then on to an introduction to the production manager whose name was Willy.
Such a font of knowledge on the factory floor with a hearty sense of humour to boot!
The rattling and clanking of the machinery could be heard through the ear protectors handed to us on arrival.

fillings and layers

The first things we saw were the racks upon racks of mattress spring units passing through great ovens of high temperatures to ensure twice tempering or the hardening process of the steel. Huge stitching machines creating unique patterns on layers of toppings, these make the finish unique on the mattress.

There were long armed industrial size machines enabling the stitching of areas into the centres of up to 6ft Super king mattresses.

Mattress handles are all made by hand and the binding of edges all done by people with the help of a piece of hand held machinery.

The wood for the divan bases are cut in a separate workshop part of the factory.
Sealy have secured suppliers for wood only 14 miles away, and they are constantly looking at ways to not only make production more efficient, but sourcing locally sees the other community business benefiting from Sealy production also.

I watched as rough long lengths of wood passed through a machine the size of an articulated lorry! Coming out the other end planed, and cut into specific sizes, and then stacked by a person!

People are very evident in this workplace, so many processes and machines are reliant on hand finishing and checking by people.

Talking to Willy over the muffle of the noise calming earphones, you quickly see his
passion for his industry.

Jo working at sealy

A local man he has worked in the Sealy bed company for 39yrs, soon to retire next year and I’m sure he will be very much missed by Sealy. He tells of up to four generations of local families working in the factory!

Sealy sits in a beautiful part of Cumbria called Aspatria. The workers apparent loyalty and admiration for this company seems evident in their smiles and dedication.

A rarity in the UK today this company understands that the workforce are integral to their success as much as the company is integral to the Aspatria community.

I think you can tell from my blog how inspired this visit has made me feel.

Our suppliers, Sealy, not only make extremely comfortable beds but their company is locally aware, and a forward thinking business, best of all its a UK business!

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