Sealy Geltex: The Future of Good Sleep

Sealy Geltex has arrived at Better Furniture!

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Do you get hot at night? Do you wake up with a bad back?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then we have the perfect new bed for you!

Here at Better Furniture we’re celebrating the re-launch of our Sealy Bed Department and the opening of our new Sealy Deeper Sleeper Studio. In addition to a fresh new look; the Sealy Deeper Sleeper Studio at our Flagship Great Yarmouth Superstore will feature the all-new Sealy Hybrid Collection of beds incorporating the new-patented Geltex technology.

The new Sealy Geltex collection at Better Furniture is a fusion of Sealy’s advanced new Geltex system and high quality pocket springs. This unique new hybrid range from Sealy represents years of sleep research and innovation to create the ultimate in supportive posturepedic beds, which also provide an unrivalled level of luxury and comfort.

sealy geltex

What Is Sealy Geltex?

Geltex is unique patented foam that has been infused with a special gel. Never before has anything like this ever been made! Most people think that memory foams are the best, but that’s because they haven’t tried Sealy Geltex!

Geltex has magnificent pressure relieving qualities but has a level of ‘push back’ that something like memory foam doesn’t have. This helps to provide support for your body. The Geltex is both supportive and soft.

Another great advantage to Geltex is its open cell structure. Unlike memory foams that can often leave you feeling hot and sweaty, the open cell structure of Geltex allows for greater breathability of the mattress enabling your body temperature to quickly dissipate keeping you at a more comfortable and consistent temperature all night long.

Click here; to watch the Sealy Hybrid Geltex video.

Other Quality Aspects of Sealy Geltex Include…

Sealy Smart Fibres: Approved by Allergy UK, Smart: neutralizes and cleans up 100% of dust mite allergens, De-hydrates the bed’s microclimate so that house dust mites lack essential water and prevents any growth of fungi, suppresses noxious bacterial colonies with no bacterial immunity or antibiotic resistance.

Adaptive Technology: Adaptive technology in each Sealy mattress helps to regulate your body temperature keeping you cool at night and preventing you from waking up sweating.

Does all this sound good? Well don’t just take my word for it, pop down to our new Deeper Sleeper Studio at our Flagship Superstore on Southtown Road Great Yarmouth where you can have a little bounce, and try out our complete collection of Sealy Geltex Hybrid beds for yourself.

Sealy Hybrid Geltex

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