Simple DIY Projects for Lazy People

So I’ve just moved into a new place. Its a lovely size and really conveniently close to town without being right in the centre. But of course, as with moving into any new place, it needs my own mark stamped on it.

I’m starting all over again. My last place was shared with a friend, and I left all the furniture behind. It was easier to start a fresh than to separate the furniture into two and end up with stuff that didn’t match anything new that I bought. So I’m starting again. The flat is a blank canvass to do with whatever I please (within reason as I’m renting)!

The only problem I have is finding the time to do everything. I need to find time to freshen up the place and make it my home. But after a long day at work I really don’t want to spend my evening with a paint brush or sand paper. With this in mind I’ve been hunting the inter-web for simple DIY projects for lazy DIY-ers. Not that I’m actually lazy, I just want more time to myself! 🙂
I thought I would share with you what I found. So here is a collection of 5 really easy peasy simple DIY projects that anyone who wants more time for themselves (or who are just plain lazy) can do.

5 Simple DIY Projetcs

Here some of the great simple DIY projects I have found so far on my journey to enlightenment. Including one from our very own website

Got some handy simple DIY projets? Comment below and share the love 😀

Simple DIY Projects
If like me you are starting out fresh, then you’ll probably just buy the basics and replace them as you go along. Here is a great way to liven up boring plain mugs from A Beautiful Mess
Simple DIY Projetcs
Do you drink lots of Vino and keep the corks? Do you also happen to need a notice board? You do? Great! This is a neat idea for making your own cork board. Love it! From
Simple DIY Projects
If you hate sewing, like me (OK I’ll admit it, I can’t sew!) Then this idea from is a brilliant way to add character to boring or old cushions.
As a guy I don’t own any nail polish (honest), but I may just get some to do this! My keys just all look the same, very confusing.
Simple DIY Projetcs
One from our own website, the bookshelf actually makes your books look like they are floating!