Sitting on a sofa by Better Furniture. Are you sitting comfortably

Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably

Do you find yourself complaining when you sitting down.

Do you notice yourself squirming and wriggling to get comfortable.  Propping yourself up with cushions, or behind your head?

There are many theories on how we should sit, or exactly what the best seating position is for good posture.

What is the best sitting position?

 It can be argued that most sofas these days are too low and too deep.  This can make you sit so that you back is in a C shape, which is not good for your back, putting strain on your ligaments and muscles in the long term.

Are you sitting comfortably

Great it you are tall or long in the leg.  If you find your sofa is too deep, you may find especially that it feels as though you are almost laying down, especially if you are shorter.

However if you are tall you may find yourself not getting sufficient head and neck support.

One way to help is to make sure the seat cushion is supportive.  To make sure that you knees are the same level as your hips.  You can do this either by raising your seat cushion, or simply here at Better Furniture we offer the selection to have you sofa made with a high density foam seat option. This way you won’t sink to far down into the sofa.

Are you sitting comfortably

Alternatively if the seat is too high, prop your feet up with a cushion or a small footstool.

The idea is to keep your spine inline and to maintain its natural curves.  a small cushion in the lumbar area can help.

Are you sitting comfortably?

At Better Furniture we have some great sofas that offer great lumbar support, either with a lumbar cushion or a recliner, which has this built into the design, to give a great level of support.

Nathan sofa

Some say recliners are more comfortable and maybe better on the back.

Moon chair

They offer a supportive seat and a high back already.  With the option to put your feet up also supports your back nicely too.

Why not come and visit me at our Better Furniture Superstore in Norwich.  We have many sofas and variations to choose from.  I will try and help you find the sofa that gets you sitting comfortably.

Lucie, Sofa specialist Better Furniture Norwich

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