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Sleep Luxury can be a luxury not everyone can achieve for themselves. We have such busy life schedules and stressful times which create a catalyst into us ‘grabbing’ a snatched ‘snooze in the armchair when we get home from work!


When we do actually get to our beds , what should be sleep luxury turns into a sleep nightmare!

The sleep luxury in reality is a lumpy, threadbare mattress with the odd ‘ding’ of a spring! This quickly becomes irratation about not being able to ‘drop off’ to sleep luxury, which in turn becomes inability to get to sleep atall!
The mind starts ‘ticking over’ about things you need to get done tomorrow and before you know it, you are

Have NO FEAR…..

No fear concept Royalty Free Stock Image
Sleep Luxury – No Fear

Millbrook Beds are all about creating the ultimate in sleep luxury!

Sleep Luxury -Majestic-Millbrook
Sleep Luxury -Majestic-Millbrook

Millbrook Beds as a company goes back as far as 1946.
The founder Walter Croll opened his small upholstery and bedding workshop in the Millbrook area of Southampton.
This is where regular majestic ships and famous luxury cruise liners docked into the Southampton harbour.
The superb interiors of these vessels, which had become known in Britain’s passenger fleet as a byword for elegance as they demanded the highest standard of workmanship.

Using the skills employed on the luxury liners, Millbrook year by year has continued to grow and prosper in the bedding and upholstery industry.
Millbrook mattresses and divans are meticlously hand-crafted which enhances their individual character and with the finest materials used they create sleep luxury with an extended life.
Overall, the design is traditional with techniques mastered over many years, offering the highest of standards in visual appeal which makes every Millbrook Bed a classic to treasure and enjoy for many years.

Sleep Luxury in Kitten Form!
Sleep Luxury in Kitten Form!

Sleep Luxury – Are YOU ready for it?







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Sleep Gorgeous, Sleep Luxury, Sleep on a Millbrook Bed.

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Until my next blog, sleep well and sound.