Sleep Troubles With Children



Sleep troubles with children. As any parent knows, children can sometimes have trouble getting to sleep at night – whether through too much excitement from watching a film before bedtime, or a few too many sweets – but when this becomes a regular occurrence it can become a bit concerning for us as parents, it could be that your child is afraid of the dark.

Sleep troubles with children - sweets

You try your hardest to give your child a full day of stimulation and exercise in the hope that they are grateful at bedtime to be going to bed and recharging those depleted batteries!
But once they are all tucked in to bed and seemingly content and peaceful, you turn the lights out and suddenly your child’s room can become a scary place to them.

Sleep troubles with children - scared of the dark

A childs fear of the dark stems from a fear of the unknown.
At an age where their senses are still developing, if they cannot see it physically they do not understand it and therefore it becomes a fearful thing to them.
Sight will often prove to be a child’s most developed and trusted sense, and so when bedtime becomes a dark place their senses can begin to play tricks on them.
Noises come from unexpected places in our homes, like a heater or boiler suddenly starting up in the night.
Whilst we may hear them as familiar sounds, if your child cannot physically see them, they will be interpreted as scary noises in their minds.

Our children’s minds have unbounded imagination so when something like a shadow is cast on a wall, their minds will go into overdrive and conjure all sorts of fictional pictures, scaring them to the point of fear.
If they are unable to identify what it actually is they will imagine something it is not!

Sleep troubles with children - mummy sleeps in cot!

Sleep troubles with children.

A good idea before bedtime sleep is to identify any concerns they may have around the bedroom, help soothe their fears by showing them the identity of all these things as innocent items not to be scared of. Reassure them that you’re there to make sure they are safe.
Show them that there are no monsters under the bed or in the wardrobe.The chest of drawers is holding only clothes and the ‘thing’ dangling on the back of the door is just a dressing gown.
Try leaving the landing light on or a small plug in night light for comfort.

Once their fears are confronted, you will find that a better sleep pattern will soon be the normal in your household!

To conclude:-
Try to see life through your child’s eyes by remembering your own childhood.
What used to frighten you?
And what did you find comforting at those times? As with so many aspects of parenting, our own childhood memories often yield the best information on how to care for our children.

Thank you for dropping in on my blog about sleep troubles with children, I do hope this has given you some ideas.

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