Social Media is Amazing

Social Media has people of all backgrounds interacting freely today.

We are sharing and discussing information about our lives .
The various Social Media internet sites available use a mixture of multimedia, personal words, pictures, videos and audio.

Social Media World

We can create and exchange content and engage in person-to-person conversations.

Social Media has been a revelation in our worlds if you enjoy communication.
This can appear in many forms including blogs and microblogs, forums and message  boards, social networks and entire virtual worlds!

Social Media is an immense tool for reaching people and Better Furniture has joined this amazing world on our website – better – You can now LIVE CHAT ! Ask us any questions you may have about furniture requirements. Maybe you need an opinion on bed choices? Just log on to our website and ask away!

Social Media Snoopy ImageThe funny bit….

In store we are alerted by a sound somewhat like a duck! It comes over the speakers! One of our Better Furniture team will jump online and answer any questions you may have!
It’s a very funny sound!



We also have a really fun Facebook page, just go along and ‘LIKE’ us to gain £10.00 OFF your furniture order! IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!



Social Media Like Thumbs
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There are some hilarious videos on the Facebook page too!

We have a very clever helicopter gadget (all men would love one of these!) it has a recording device attached to its nose (technical term!) and we have taken it on a tour around the Better Furniture Store Great Yarmouth! Well worth a look for a hearty chortle!

Pop to Facebook on a regular basis and look out for fantastic competition offers.

Thanks for popping by once again