Sofa History – An Education

Sofa History.

We all love our home comforts, so it intrigues me, where have our sofas come from?  What did people sit on before we had sofas?

Sofas are an important part of our modern day life.

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The sofa represents a settled way of life, of safety, comfort and permanence in our home.

Where would we be without our comfortable sofas.  It is a personal item.  We base our whole room around this one piece of furniture. So where and how did they originate?

Sofa History

Prior to the 16th Century our homes were furnished with very few items of furniture.  Only a couple of pieces of basic furniture were used.  A table to eat on, to drink on, to write on.  With nothing more than a trunk or a bench to sit upon.

   Sofa History - An Education

Originally stone benches and wooden trunks were used.  Across the continent in Egypt and Greece these were adorned with rugs, thus doubling up as a bed to lay on.

It wasn’t until the 16th century when the Europeans started to use their imagination and enjoy using materials to decorate the home.  Tapestries that had traditionally been draped from the walls to help against draughts, were then dressed lavishly over the benches to adorn the furniture.

It was in the 17th Century when the ‘couch’ became popular.  It was realised that sitting comfortably was more socially accepted in public as well as in private.  Textile designers allowed their imagination to run wild. Dressing the wooden frames.  Padding was used on wooden carved framed seating in the form of horse hair and feathers.

From this point onwards the development of the sofa moved rather quickly to developing what we know today as our sofas.

Sofa History…

Do not take your sofa for granted, would you choose to go back to the days of sitting on a bench?

Sofa history has certainly changed the way we look at our home comforts.

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Thanks for reading my Blog, I hope it has been an education for you.

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