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Interior design. Line shape and form

Interior design. Line shape and form Line shape and form for the home.  When it comes to creating your ideal home, or room, exactly where do you start? Here are just a few tips on what to begin looking that might help with the Line shape and form in your home. Interior design isn’t an exact science, but there are… Read more →

Sofas made for you. Your choice. Your way

Sofas made for you. Made you way, with your choice. At Better Furniture we offer a great choice when it comes to buying your sofa.  So you can buy your sofa just how you like it. Sofas made for you From the basic sofa, to the bespoke we have options where your sofa is made with your name on it… Read more →

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips Fabric

Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips Good Quality sofas Hints and Tips for fabric sofas. Part 1  (Fabric)     How can you tell What is a Good Quality sofa is? Would you know what to look for to make sure you were getting the best value for money  on a Good Quality Sofa? Here is a buyers guide to help… Read more →

Colour affects us

Colour affects us  Colour affects us in many ways. What is the perfect colour to suit your personality and your home? Choosing the right colour for your home can say alot about you, and how it has an impact on your daily life. What does your room say about you?  Are you  calm and relaxed or bold and energetic? Here are… Read more →