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Your Own Bed !There is No bed Like it!

Your Own bed is special. There is No bed Like Your Own Bed. Hello Bed Blog Readers! I have been on holiday to Barcelona!  ‘Oh, what a beautiful City’ I stayed in the Gothic Quarter with family and aswell as the 81 steps to get to our accomodation I have walked miles and miles, and this was just getting lost every… Read more →

Bed Buying Guide

Bed Buying Guide and Some Frequently Asked Questions   As part of the Bedding Team at Better Furniture, I was asked to come up with some questions that I frequently get asked in our Great Yarmouth Store. I thought I would share these with my Blog followers! Bed buying guide… Its by no means fully comprehensive and as I always explain to… Read more →

Adjustable Beds – For Everyone

Adjustable beds really are for everyone. It is a commonly held misconception that adjustable beds are just for the elderly or sick, as our minds think of old fashioned heavy metal beds with a noisy frames and antiquated foot pumps. Our thoughts are with the hospital varieties with one of those invalid tables across the front to hold the jug of water and… Read more →