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Bed Storage Solutions Make Complete Sense

Bed storage solutions make complete sense. The space our beds take within our rooms is usually the majority of the entire room, so why would you not want to make use of this extremely valuable space? Of course there are many choices of storage boxes to go under your bed frame. They come on wheels, in wood or plastic and… Read more →

Clearance Beds With Better Furniture

Clearance Beds give you the best opportunity to buy beautiful comfort at heavily reduced prices at Better Furniture. Visit THIS WEEK before we SELL OUT. This is the BIGGEST CLEARANCE BEDS SALE WE HAVE EVER HAD. Are you considering replacing your bed? Have you been waking up more tired than when you went to bed?              … Read more →

Investment in Your Mattress For $175,000

Another fantastic article on my perfect bed! Investment into your sleep – It seems there is no end of newsworthy and ‘blog worthy’ bed sourced stories, which is great for me to find, but it does make me think just how much sleep touches upon our entire lives. Sleep is so important, and the mattress we sleep on has to… Read more →

Clean the Brain of Toxins with Sleep

Clean the brain with sleep! some of you may have read a recent report about how sleep cleans the brain.This was reported by James Gallagher who is a Health and Science reporter for the BBC News. The United States of America have a Journal of Science and they believe the ‘waste removal system’ is one of the fundamental reasons for… Read more →

Good Nights Sleep – What’s that!

Good Nights Sleep, what does this ACTUALLY mean? Everyone has a different way of dealing with being tired and a different opinion on how many hours constitute the “right” amount of sleep. The figure of eight hours is often used as a standard per night, but we all know people who say that they are lucky if they get two… Read more →

Good Nights Sleep Makes Good Memory

Better Memory From a Good Nights Sleep… How? Get a Good Nights Sleep – Everybody has suffered from a bad nights sleep where you are tossing and turning ALL night. Just when you start drifting off to sleep something outside disturbs you or just a random thought comes into your head. A task you may have to sort out tomorrow enters… Read more →

Getting to Sleep in this Heat!

Getting to sleep can be difficult for some people rather too often and we are experiencing an unusual heat here in Norfolk and most parts of the country at present. ‘Mustn’t complain’ is what we all keep hearing and it seems we can always manage to get cooler in the daytime. Getting to sleep in this heat? The nights being hot… Read more →

Sleep Luxury at Better Furniture – Great Yarmouth

Sleep Luxury can be a luxury not everyone can achieve for themselves. We have such busy life schedules and stressful times which create a catalyst into us ‘grabbing’ a snatched ‘snooze in the armchair when we get home from work! When we do actually get to our beds , what should be sleep luxury turns into a sleep nightmare! The sleep… Read more →